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VirtuoSIS 3.2 is available!
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 01 April 2014 10:16 AM

I am proud to inform you about new release version of our Software Intercom Server Software “VirtuoSIS” providing SIP-Trunk connectivity. Please find a list of available new licenses below. Using SIP trunks, VirtuoSIS simply connects to 3rd party PBX server and VoIP accounts for outgoing and incoming VoIP calls. Configuration and licensing is fully integrated into CCT800 version 3.2, which keeps setup and configuration simple.

When adding VoIP gateways (ATA) it is possible to place analog telephone calls.
Please have a look at the updated datasheet as well, which includes further info and drawings around SIP connectivity.

In addition to SIP capabilities, version 3.2 of VirtuoSIS provides:

  • Completely new setup dialog and there for simplifies deployment in high security network environments.
  • “Promiscuous mode” for the network interface within the virtual machine is not required anymore.
  • Support for a third hypervisor platform in the future: “Microsoft Hyper-V”. 

New VirtuoSIS licenses – SIP Trunks:

  • L-SIS-SIPT1B License for SIP trunk, 1 channel, Feature Level B
  • L-SIS-SIPT8B License for SIP trunk, 8 channels, Feature Level B
  • L-SIS-SIPT1D License for SIP trunk, 1 channel, Feature Level D
  • L-SIS-SIPT8D License for SIP trunk, 8 channels, Feature Level D

New VirtuoSIS Version 3.2 – available for download on*
*Username and password from training class required

  • New: VirtuoSIS Installation template V3.2.0 (OVA)
  • New: VirtuoSIS updates V3.0.25, 3.1.4, 3.2.0
  • New: Pro800 Package with CCT800 3.1A and CCT800 3.2 (for use with new SIP trunk features)


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Software Package 3.1 now Available!
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 10 February 2014 10:31 PM

I am pleased to inform you about new release versions of our Intercom Server Software PRO800 3.1 together with the configuration tool CCT800 3.1 and several firmware versions for interface cards, VirtuoSIS and Intercom Terminals.

Any new server shipped with firmware 3.1 will require CCT800 3.1 to connect.

The main new features and highlights of the Software Packages are:

  • New product support for ET970A, ET962A, EF962A, WS211-VM Stations, WS500V Stations, GE300 Generation 2
  • SNMP support to monitor and receive traps for LAN and WAN links
  • Embedded Milestone XProtect Server interface
  • Recording of audio messages via Intercom Stations (9T01) - analogue and digital Stations
  • Support of upgraded GED, GET and IP subscriber cards (Rev. AC). Onboard memory for pre-recorded messages increased to 8MB.
  • DSP900A Stations: improved Echo-Canceller
  • CCT800: New quick connect toolbar including several usability improvements
  • CCT800: New print options for project documentation
  • VirtuoSIS: Serial ICX interface via 3rd party “IP to serial adapter” (Moxa NPort 5110A)
  • VirtuoSIS: New setup dialog including international keyboard layouts and providing additional network options

The Pro800 Software Package can be found on by logging in with the user/pass from class.

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New Intercom Client for Android v1.1
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 27 September 2013 12:55 PM

Today, we are very pleased to inform you about the release of Intercom Client for Android version 1.1. This version contains new and powerful features:

  • It is now possible to integrate one video monitor in the Tile Layout directly for calls from/to stations with camera. As known from our standard Phone and Tablet Layouts, switching between different camera views for observation is now also available for the Tile Layout. Full-screen mode for video and/or image view during ongoing calls can still be configured as well.

  • Next to images, it is now also possible to enrich the Tile Layout with MP4 video streams, which are stored locally on the Android device. In other words, selected MP4 videos can be played in any Tile instead of text, color and/or images only. This allows a totally new level of interaction with the user.
  • In order to prevent unintended configuration changes, the settings menu in Phone and Tablet Layout can now be password protected.

  • Audio experience can now be manually adjusted on client side through configuring the microphone sensitivity and/or enabling/disabling the Android OS built-in echo canceler.

  • In general, further performance improvements (stability, audio…) have been implemented and compatibility to the brand new Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) has been optimized and well tested.

Please find the new Intercom Client for Android version 1.1 software on
There you will also find a link named Tile-Layout examples 2, which provides brand new templates to support you in generating Tile Layouts.

In addition, the Intercom Client for Android product manual has been generally further improved over the whole document as well as specifically extended to explain the new features in version 1.1. Thank you for your valued feedback on the previous manual. The new manual will be made available through the next cLibrary update.

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New VirtuoSIS® Software Version
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 18 September 2013 11:12 AM

We are pleased to inform you about a new release version of our Software Intercom Server VirtuoSIS®.

Please download the new installation template (Version 3.0.10-1) from The updated VirtuoSIS® ova template includes several new firmware versions with bug-fixes and improvements. Please use that template for all new and upcoming installations.

The main changes are:

•    New: VMware vSphere support for version 5.1
•    Improved: Firmware update process
•    Updated: Webmonitor – IE9 support
•    Updated: Performance improvements when using streaming channels like 4T, 6T
•    Updated: Performance improvements in idle state

Included FW-Versions in VirtuoSIS® Template 3.0.10-1:

•    GEP: V 3.0 Build 6
•    IP: V 5.3
•    IF: V2.3
•    LAN/NET: V 6.2

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cLibrary 2.0 now available
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 09 September 2013 08:27 AM

We are proud to announce that the new version of cLibrary 2.0 is available!

cLibrary is a resource tool creating a single searchable interface for datasheets and product literature. It can update itself with all of the new products and information.

Possible uses include:

  • Installation documentation for field applications
  • Resources like Visio, Software compatibility, etc.
  • Design considerations like temperature, moisture, and wiring distances
  • New product or feature learning

It needs to be installed manually as indicated in the following instructions. After this cLibrary Update, your cLibrary will be updated automatically. 

  1. Log into with username/password from class.
  2. Under PartnerNET menu click 'Additional Downloads'.
  3. Click on the cLibrary 2.0 link and download the file onto your PC.
  4. Close any previous versions of cLibrary that might be running.
  5. Open the file which you've just downloaded in Step 3.
  6. Follow the instruction of the cLibrary setup, which starts automatically.
  7. When starting the cLibrary 2.0 please sign in as “Free User”.

Free User: Has the function range of the old cLibrary SP and is ideal for you to learn more about Commend.
Partner User: Has the complete function range of the cLibrary. This is only available by special request.

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